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people forget that tumblr is a blogging site and people from any age can blog about whatever the fuck they want, but instead of blogging they recycle images and texts over and over again

Reblog if you are insecure about anything below:


-intelligence (or lack of)
-skills (or lack of)
-weird hobbies
-friends (or lack of)

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The Signs In High School
Aries: The bully/jock. One blow on their ego and they're on their way to beat you up.
Taurus: The one who sleeps in class but knows the answer to the question anyway when woken up by a teacher.
Gemini: The social media addict. Usually snapchats their way to popularity.
Cancer: The kid that wears all black and avoids you. Usually are hiding secret talents underneath their 10 jackets.
Leo: The beauty queen. Not the same as Libra. They are, um, even more conceited. Like, wayyyy more.
Virgo: The shy bookworm. Don't talk to them. They'll get a boner.
Libra: The socialite/cheerleader. Aren't as attention-drawing as Leo. They prefer to fit in a popular group with lots of students and totally blend in, then insist the more popular people of the group are avoiding them, and start a huge gossiping riot...
Scorpio: The one that has perfected the death stare. Don't talk to them. They'll either break down crying or eat your hands.
Sagittarius: The class clown. Pretty much everyone has seen them in their underwear.
Capricorn: The extremely smart one that won't take your bullshit. Literally laugh at them all you want, but it's like you don't even exist in their goal-oriented mind. Probably becomes valedictorian.
Aquarius: Don't
Pisces: The next-door neighbor. "Why can't you be more like Pisces?!" asks your parents.

The Signs as siblings: Virgo


Aries and Virgo: (Aries speaking to Virgo)


Taurus and Virgo: 

Gemini and Virgo:

Cancer and Virgo: (Cancer offering the hug.)

Leo and Virgo: (Leo speaking.)

Virgo and Virgo: 

Libra and Virgo:

Scorpio and Virgo: (Scorpio speaking.)

Sagittarius and Virgo: (Virgo speaking.)

Capricorn and Virgo:

Aquarius and Virgo: (Virgo speaking.)

Pisces and Virgo: (Pisces speaking.)